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Image by Michael Mouritz


The ATG is a multi-talented Michigan-based artist, rapper, producer, and vocalist who has gained recognition in various music genres. With a diverse range of collaborations, The ATG has worked with notable figures such as D12 rapper Swifty McVay, actor and rapper Omar Gooding, Sa-Roc, G.V. Prakash, and Leslee Lewis.

From co-producing the track "Big Worm" for Peezy to venturing into the world of Chicago drill with Lil Reese on the album Demon Time, The ATG has continuously pushed boundaries and created memorable tracks.

In addition to his collaborations, The ATG has focused on his local Detroit community, working with talented artists like Dusty McFly and Earlly Mac on the Detroit Cinematic project. This project highlights The ATG's ability to bring out the best in local talent.


Expanding his horizons further, The ATG has explored moody R&B with singles like "No Friends" featuring Justin Love and worked closely with emerging rapper TeeCee Rou’lette, creating sleek and captivating production.


Known for his skillful production work, The ATG's central sound can be described as "cinematic hip hop," combining symphonic orchestration with the hard-hitting elements of Atlanta hip hop. His music is influenced by a wide range of artists, including Hans Zimmer, Bach, Mozart, Dr. Dre, and Metro Boomin, as well as horror soundtracks and avant-garde music. The ATG's ability to create cohesive records that range from minimalistic to bombastic showcases his adaptability and unique style.


The ATG approaches music creation with the mindset of a film director, crafting each record as a scene in a larger narrative. His operatic approach and exploration of mythology and fantasy draw comparisons to visionary directors such as Jordan Peele, Stanley Kubrick, and Guillermo Del Toro. The ATG's distinct baritone voice, reminiscent of artists like Dr. Dre, Barry White, and Frank Sinatra, adds a commanding and hypnotic element to his music.

Currently, The ATG has two notable projects: "All Skill, No Luck" and "Demon Time Deluxe Edition." The former features collaborations with fellow Detroit artists Icewear Vezzo, Payroll Giovanni, Damedot, and Drego, capturing the raw energy of Detroit's street rap scene. The latter builds upon the original "Demon Time" album, a collaboration with Chicago drill rapper Lil Reese, showcasing The ATG's ability to create haunting and captivating sounds.


In addition to collaborations with producers ATL Jacob and Scott Storch, The ATG has worked with renowned songwriter Poo Bear, resulting in a unique blend of catchy pop elements, thought-provoking lyrics, and cinematic soundscapes. Their collaboration pushes boundaries and resonates with listeners on an emotional level, exemplifying their shared passion for creating extraordinary music.


With the recent debut single "Outside," The ATG invites listeners to embark on a sonic odyssey that explores unlocking one's true potential. Through his versatile talents and storytelling abilities, The ATG continues to carve a unique path in the music industry, leaving a lasting impact on music connoisseurs across genres.

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